Maintaining Figure Skates


It is very vital that you properly maintain your skates if you are intent on maximizing their functionality. For continued comfort on your skates and avoidance of injuries, you will have to take care of them. Good skates are usually a very costly investment and if not maintained in a proper manner, they are likely to deteriorate in a very small period of time. As a skater, taking care of your skates is one of the most essential things you can do.
The first step to maintaining your skates is keeping their blades as sharp as possible. You have to remember that the only contact between you and the ice is your skater blades and a sharp blade has a better chance of griping the ice as compared to a dull blade. If you are sliding uncomfortably every time you land on your skates then they are not adequately sharp.
You can keep a log whereby you can note how many times you have to sharpen your blades. As a result, you will have a vague idea of how long you can average before you have to get your blades sharpened. This will help you schedule sharpening your blades and it will also help limiting you’re the number of times you sharpen your blades so they do not wear out.
When you wear your ice skates, you should not walk on hard surfaces. Unlike ice, some surfaces are quite destructive and they may ruin the ice blades quickly. You should make a habit of wearing blade guards if you are walking on your ice skates off the ice. They will effectively protect the blades from wearing off unnecessarily.
Away from the ice, the biggest killer of blades is rust. If not protected from rust, the blades may wear out and disintegrate quickly. They will also dull very quickly. As thus, you should ensure that you wipe your skates dry once you are done skating. Remove all traces of ice and snow from the blades before putting on the guards. Once you are done for the day, it is advisable to use a towel to wipe the blades dry.
The blades are not the only important parts of your ice skates. The boots and their laces are also very important. Laces should be replaced once the plastic tips come off. The boots should also be cleaned and wiped dry after use. This prevents moisture from damaging the leather.

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